Can Ooni Pizza Oven Be Used Indoors?

Everybody loves a good pizza, but conventional ovens are unfortunately not sufficiently equipped to allow you to make proper pizzas at home. This is due to their inability to reach high enough temperatures. As a result, recent times have seen an insurgence of specially designed pizza ovens for the house.

Ooni pizza ovens should never be used indoors. They were designed to be used outdoors only, and using them indoors will be harmful not only to the house and its contents but to the occupants. Ooni pizza ovens reach extremely high temperatures through the use of wood or propane gas.

While an Ooni pizza oven cannot be used indoors, it can, fortunately, be used outdoors under most weather conditions. This means that there should never be a need to even attempt the dangerous feat of using the oven indoors. If you intend to use your pizza oven indoors, specifically designed indoor pizza ovens on the market will better serve your needs.

Can Ooni Pizza Oven Be Used Indoors?

Ooni pizza ovens are specifically designed to be used outdoors only. Attempting to use one of these pizza ovens indoors will most likely result in disaster at worst and severe damage at best.

To ensure that you don’t hurt yourself or your family or cause any damage to your home, always ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to use your Ooni pizza oven. This will not only ensure your safety and that of your home, but it will allow you to enjoy the use of your pizza oven for years to come.

The main reason that pizza ovens cannot be used indoors is the propane gas or wood used to power the device. This gas is potentially dangerous and requires sufficient ventilation in order to function safely. If you are using the wood fired model, the smoke from the fire is sure to ruin the smell and can leave soot on your walls or furnishings.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a major risk associated with attempting to use an Ooni pizza oven indoors. This is especially true of the gas version.

Because the gas version of the Ooni pizza does not have a chimney like the charcoal version of the oven, some individuals seem to think that this means it can be used indoors on the kitchen counter.

Despite the usual dangers associated with using propane gas indoors, including carbon monoxide as well as a potential fire hazard, Ooni pizza ovens reach extremely high temperatures (up to 900° Fahrenheit).

Placing an item in your home that reaches such extreme temperatures can present a major risk to the objects and materials that surround it, as well as to the people who inhabit the building.

Can Ooni Pizza Oven Be Used In The Rain?

Because Ooni pizza ovens are specifically designed to be used outdoors, they are highly adapted to withstand the rain and most other adverse weather conditions.

It is recommended, however, to store your Ooni pizza oven indoors when not in use for extended periods. These ovens are made from extremely sturdy materials that can easily survive a life lived outdoors.

Ooni pizza ovens are fully insulated and manufactured using high-quality stainless steel. This means that the ovens are robust enough not only to be left outdoors but can, in fact, be used during bad weather.

Because of how the ovens have been constructed and the materials from which they are made, they can easily be used outdoors to great effect. The most important consideration when attempting to use a pizza oven outdoors in rainy weather is to ensure that the pizza stone is never able to come into contact with water.

Pizza stones are manufactured using an extremely porous material that is highly absorbent. As a result, any water that comes into contact with the stone will be absorbed, with the result that the water expands when the stone is heated, causing it to crack and break.

To avoid any damage to your pizza oven when used outdoors during rain, face the back of the oven towards the wind. Facing the opening of the oven towards the wind will result in uneven distribution of heat as well as the potential for the pizza stone to become wet.

Making use of an umbrella when using your Ooni pizza oven outdoors will ensure that it does not become damaged by water while in use. When not in use, always ensure you make use of the rainwater cap to prevent any water from making its way into the oven.

Which Pizza Ovens Can Be Used Indoors?

While Ooni pizza ovens are not designed to be used indoors, there are certain manufacturers that produce specially designed indoor pizza ovens. While the majority of these are unable to reach the high temperatures needed to create authentic pizza, there are some that can.

One such indoor oven is the Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo. This countertop invention uses electricity to heat up three heating elements and features a fully optimized interior heat shield. The device also makes use of sophisticated temperature sensors to ensure your pizza consistently turns out just how you like it.

Because the Breville Smart Oven is properly insulated, it will not heat up the room significantly or present a burning hazard to anybody in the room. With the ability to reach up to 750 degrees, the Breville Pizzaiolo can cook a perfect pizza in two minutes, whether you prefer thin-crust, New York, pan, or frozen pizzas.


Attempting to use an Ooni pizza oven indoors would be a terrible idea. Besides the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, these ovens present several risks that prevent them from being safe to use indoors. Pizza ovens also present a major fire hazard that could potentially set fire to your home as well as its contents.

Because Ooni pizza ovens reach temperatures up to 900°F, using this device inside your home will drastically heat up the space surrounding it, potentially causing damage to any objects located nearby. The entire Ooni range of pizza ovens – whether the gas versions or the wood-fired options – have been specifically designed for use outdoors. These ovens are all extremely robust and durable, so using them outdoors will not have any adverse effects on the actual oven.

If your home does not have sufficient outdoor space where you would be able to use an Ooni pizza oven, opt for an indoor pizza oven that will serve your needs in a safe manner.

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