Can You Change a Chain Drive Garage Door Opener to a Belt Drive? 

Interior of Garage with epoxy floor

You’re not alone if you’re tired of that loud crashing sound your garage door makes when opening. Many homeowners are switching to belt drives for a quieter, more efficient open.  Chain drive garage door openers can easily be replaced with quieter, more reliable belt drive models. Replacement is best with two people, and expect to … Read more

Will a Fire Pit Table Keep you heated?

Fire pit on deck with two couches

There’s a reason fire pit tables, or simply fire tables, have become so popular. People love them because they’re beautiful pieces of furniture that also radiate pleasant heat from their inviting flames.  Many are lined with lava rock or fire glass that add even more beauty and glow to the table. Fire tables are used … Read more

How big of Concrete Pad do I need for a Hot Tub?

Hot tub on concrete patio

You’ve decided to purchase a hot tub and create a relaxing space for yourself. But before you can bring it home, you need to prepare a pad for it to sit on. The question is, how big does that pad for your hot tub need to be? An 8′ x 8′ to 10′ x 10′ … Read more

Can You Turn A Fireplace Into A Pizza Oven?

Pizza cooking in wood fired oven

So, you want to make a woodfired pizza at home. Are you tired of all those pre-made oven pizzas? You’re in the right place. If you don’t have a pizza oven, don’t fear, you can convert your fireplace into a pizza oven. You can convert your fireplace into a pizza oven, however, you will face … Read more

Can You Paint a Fire Pit?

Fire pit lit with holes

When you put a fire pit in the backyard, aesthetic appeal is always a factor. People choose beautiful stones or interesting metalwork for their fire pits to complement their yards and make fires more pleasant to look at. Like anything you leave outside over time, your fire pit will be affected by the elements, especially … Read more

Can A Pizza Oven Be Square?

Pizza cooking in wood fired oven

It’s hard to imagine a pizza joint without a dome-shaped wood-fired pizza oven. Although this is the traditional look of a pizza oven, it’s not the only one. Pizza ovens differ in shape and size. So, can a pizza oven be square? A pizza oven can be square though the traditional shape is a domed … Read more