Can You Use A Fire Pit In Screened Porch?

Dining table in a screened in porch

Fire pits and fire tables make gorgeous centerpieces to a room while adding delicious warmth. This allows the area to be used more often, including chilly nights and cooler days. In addition, fire pits bring a cozy atmosphere that melts away stress and woe, allowing people to relax. But it is not always clear if … Read more

Does A Pizza Oven Kill Germs?

Pizza Oven lit

If you accidentally dropped your pizza dough while trying your hand at tossing, you might wonder if the heat from the pizza oven would be enough to kill any germs that might have transferred from the floor to the food? Or should you rather throw it out and start over?  The Centers for Disease Control … Read more

Can You Make A Pizza Oven Out Of Concrete?

Concrete Pizza oven

Building your own pizza oven is a dream come true for many who enjoy the idea of evenings spent entertaining friends and family outdoors while cooking the perfect homemade pizza for their hungry guests. Fortunately, this can quite easily become a reality for the DIY home enthusiast. The materials, however, will make a significant difference … Read more

Does A Pizza Oven Need A Chimney?

Hand Drawn Pizza Oven

So, you are probably deciding whether to buy a pizza oven or build one from scratch. In any case, what a fantastic idea, since a pizza oven contributes to such a terrific atmosphere, and, of course, delicious pizzas! However, the pricing difference may make you wonder if a chimney is really necessary.   Having a chimney … Read more

Two Simple Ways to Smoke Meat in a Pizza Oven

Pizza Oven lit

A pizza oven obviously serves its purpose in the preparation of pizzas. However, is the pizza oven suitable for other types of cooking, such as smoking? Follow along as we talk about whether or not you can smoke meat in a pizza oven. It is possible to smoke meat in a pizza oven. However, this … Read more