Do I Need to Put Sand in My Fire Pit?

Fire pit with rocking chairs

There’s nothing better on a summer night than a cozy fire. When we’re out in nature, we build campfires using rocks and items we find around us. At home, we gather around permanent or portable fire pits in an array of styles. When you’re assembling a fire pit, you will eventually need to choose what … Read more

Can Ooni Pizza Oven Be Used Indoors?

Pizza cooking in wood fired oven

Everybody loves a good pizza, but conventional ovens are unfortunately not sufficiently equipped to allow you to make proper pizzas at home. This is due to their inability to reach high enough temperatures. As a result, recent times have seen an insurgence of specially designed pizza ovens for the house. Ooni pizza ovens should never … Read more

Can you fire pottery in a pizza oven?

Baking Pottery in Kiln

If you have a pizza oven at home, chances are you have wondered what other uses it may have.  The awesome news is that it is possible to fire pottery in a pizza oven with a little extra effort. Whether your pizza oven is wood or gas-powered, there are methods of using it to create … Read more

Can You Have A Fire Pit In The Front Yard?

Fire pit lit with holes

Installing a fire pit in your front yard is an excellent way to enhance your home’s street appeal, outdoor flow, and, consequently, its value. An outdoor fire pit will dramatically extend your outdoor living space and make good use of a previously unutilized front yard. There are no national or state laws that dictate whether … Read more

Why Fire Pits need Air Holes Explained

Fire pit lit with holes

Chemistry taught us that you can’t make a fire without a fuel source, heat, and oxygen. It might not be well-known, but you can’t just place wood on the ground and light it. You have to prepare the area so that the fire burns well and the surrounding area stays safe. When building a fire … Read more

5 Ways to Get Rid of Flies from the Outdoor Patio

Fire pit on deck with two couches

If you’re enjoying your patio in the summertime, the last thing you want is a pesky fly that won’t stop buzzing around your head. Whether it’s one or dozens of them swarming the patio, it instantly makes it an uncomfortable place to be. If flies have invaded your outdoor patio, you can get rid of … Read more

Can You Run a Hot Tub Without a Filter? 

Cleaning pool with a net

Hot tubs are complicated machines, and there’s a bit of a science to using them. They aren’t overly complicated, but it’s important to follow proper protocols when running your hot tub. One of these important protocols is to always have a filter installed when using your hot tub.  You shouldn’t run your hot tub for … Read more